Goal-focused enterprise social platform

Engage your team with an award winning Social Media Web Platform. Measure success by creating goal-driven programs based on organizational KPIs. Empower your team members to create content and participate in challenges.  Use the platform to recognize, motivate and inspire team members.

Why Aurora Community?

Increase team member collaboration and employee engagement.

Reward and recognize team members, departments and/or facilities by participating with the platform.

Catalog "best practice" solutions for the entire global organization—align employees with executives to enhance business results.

Motivate and inspire team members toward better performance.

Improve employee performance scores and profit through a small investment of team member time.

Track higher employee engagement, creating more friendships and global recognition of your efforts.

How Does Aurora Work?

  • Social Media Communication that Matters

    Team members connect with others that have similar interests, knowledge sharing becomes faster and more useful.

  • Social Media Knowledge Assets

    The team can share stories, photos and videos at individual facilities, regional and/or global levels.

  • Reward and Recognition

    Direct, motivate and inspire through executive participation. Executives can comment or feature team member content to recognize and/or reward activities that leverage brand values/initiatives.

  • Content Generated by Team Members

    Team members can post problem solutions, requests for solutions, team member "hero stories," business process changes, interesting business/industry events, corporate responsibility initiatives, etc.

  • Content Generated by Executives

    The Executive team can contribute approved best practices, business initiatives, challenges/contests to drive performance improvements, support training initiatives, recruiting, etc.

  • Metrics of Success

    Generate reports that give insight into: who is using the site, what parts of the site, how often, how long, etc.—at the facility, regional, and global levels. The reports can detail daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or year-to-year activity.

  • Leveraging Created Content

    Use your team's contributions for strategic deployment of employee generated content. You can publish to social media channels to enhance external recruiting, marketing and social responsibility strategies. For example, designating an employee authored video story about corporate ‘green’ efforts featured on external facing company Facebook page, Twitter accounts or YouTube posts.

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